lit_lab1The literacy faculty of the Spadoni College of Education established a new outreach program in August, 2012 – the Chanticleer Literacy Lab. As the Lab’s inaugural year comes to a close, we would like to share some of our successes. First, the Lab served more than 30 PreK-12 students with individualized literacy tutoring and assessments, and parents have seen results. One parent said, “Since tutoring, my son picked up a book for the first time without being forced to.” Another parent added, “The Literacy Lab has given my son confidence in his reading ability.” To get these results, the Lab first pre-assessed students’ literacy abilities and attitudes towards reading. The assessments took place in the fall Practicum in Literacy Assessment and Evaluation class (EDLL 604) with the M.Ed. Learning and Teaching/Literacy candidates conducting a battery of tests to determine the strengths and needs of each student. Following the assessments, the teachers enrolled in the course began implementing the instructional plan they developed by providing individual tutoring for each child.
In the spring 2013 semester, graduate students enrolled in their Content Area Literacy course (EDLL 618) reviewed the pre-assessment reports and tailored a tutoring plan for each student. All graduate students who worked in the Chanticleer Literacy Lab were state-licensed teachers seeking additional endorsements in literacy. After nine tutoring sessions, the students’ literacy abilities and attitudes towards reading were assessed again, and parents then met with the tutors to discuss their child’s performance the next week. Following these conferences, a parent said, “I finally know for sure what my child needs, no more worrying.” As the Lab prepares for next year, its goal is to increase both the number of students it serves while continuing to advocate and support literacy initiatives in its local community. Interested parents of PreK-12 students who would like to enroll their child for fall semester should contact the Chanticleer Literacy Lab at 349-2669 or email