Please read this important email so to make certain you are up to date with current happenings!***

Group Advising Sessions: Includes ALL my advisees so if you are receiving this email that includes YOU.  Here is the link to register for a session…

only register for ONE… Spring 2014 Group Advising Session Registration Form.

If you are UNABLE to attend a group advising session due to work or classes, please plan to schedule an individual appointment.  I will be placing appointment times on web advisor this week. You MUST bring your updated program evaluation with you to your advising session,

*REMINDER:  Professional Program Application is Due April 1st!  Do NOT miss this deadline if you are planning to enter the program for Fall 2014.  You NEED to bring the application by the Center for Excellence and Academic Advising on or before Aprilst.  You MUST have attempted PRAXIS I before submitting your application…not PASSED…just attempted. You must PASS all parts by July 15th to be admitted into the professional program for Fall 2014.  

You can bring your professional program application with you when you attend the group advising session if you need Thanks and have a great Tuesday!

Mrs. Darden

Amanda J. Darden
Student Services Coordinator/Academic Advisor
Spadoni College of Education
Coastal Carolina University