What is the Praxis I test?
Praxis I is the State of South Carolina required exam in reading, writing, and math which students must take and pass before they are admitted into the Professional Program in Teacher Education (PPTE).

When should I take the Praxis I test?
If you are a freshman, we recommend you to take Praxis I no later than the summer following your first academic year.
If you are a transfer, readmit, or second degree seeking student we recommend you take Praxis I prior to the Spring and Fall Professional Program Application deadlines.

How do I register to take the Praxis I test?
Computer- Based: You may register to take PRAXIS I at test at

• You may retake the Praxis I exam on the 31st calendar day after your last test date.
• Your unofficial math and reading scores are available for viewing immediately after taking these portions of the test. Writing scores are usually available 2 weeks after testing.
• Official copies of your scores are received 4-6 weeks after testing.
o NOTE: You must request your OFFICIAL test scores be sent to Coastal Carolina University when you register for the Praxis I test. An additional fee will be charged if your request is made on a different date than the date you registered for the exam.

Paper- Based:Offered multiple times a year. Test dates and locations provided at Registration deadlines are strictly enforced.

When you take the test:
Be sure to code Coastal Carolina University as a score recipient!
What are the passing scores for the PRAXIS I test?

Mathematics – 172 Reading – 175 Writing – 173

Does everyone have to take the Praxis I? Is there an exemption rule?

New SC state legislation now allows students to be exempt from Praxis I based on SAT or ACT scores. Students with an 1100 or higher on the OLD SAT test or with a 1650 or higher on the NEW SAT tests are exempt from taking Praxis I. Students with a 24 or higher Composite Score on ACT are exempt from taking Praxis I.

For more information about the test go to:

 For Praxis I Help and Plato Account Requests 

Please read entire document. 

PLATO PLE is a PRAXIS I web-based test simulation software that is FREE to students!

Step 1: Learn how it works:
1. Complete one of the four Tests: Reading, Writing, Essay, or Math
2. Upon completion of each test, the Plato software will automatically “prescribe” modules for you to complete for areas in which less than an 80% was scored.
3. Work on the prescriptions to increase your knowledge and skills.
4. Complete a second test – did your score improve?
Step 2: Sign me up!
To request an account – send an email to with the following information:
1. Your first and last name
2. Your CCU ID Number (ex. 0123456)
3. CCU Email Address (Account request must be sent from a CCU email address).
4. You will receive an email with your account information and instructions once your account is created.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Accounts are usually created within 3-5 days of account request but could be sooner or later. For questions, please contact the PLATO Administrator at

Step 3: Retrieve Account Information from Email

Step 4: Get Started! (You must have an account to get started, see Steps 2 & 3) 
1. In an Internet Browser, go to
2. Enter the Account Login: ccu2
3. Enter your PLATO Name: this should be your CCU username (e.g., jdix is the username)
4. Enter your Password: this is your CCU ID Number (e.g. 0123456) and click “Login”
5. Click on “Assignments” to begin.